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My crazy day one and the rude red haired boy

So this is the end of my first day as an official Pokemon Traner. I don’t know why I am even taking the time to write this all down. I should be going to sleep, but mom slipped this notebook into my bag, so I guess I might as well use it. Well, my first day pretty eventful I was already going to meet Professor Elm to talk about my future partner, pokemon. So before I headed over there, I went to Ethan’s house; he is my best friend, to see if he wanted to come with me. He and I have been talking a lot about which pokemon I should choose from the options that Professor Elm gave me in advance.

As I walked in, of course, Ethan’s dad had some smart remark to give me. I don’t know why he is that way. It’s not my fault I don’t have a pokemon yet, unlike Ethan, who he is the one who gave Marill to Ethan anyways. Ethan said no, he was playing with Marill, and I would be good on my own to follow my heart, so I headed over to the lab to talk to the Professor. When I got there, the Professor talked about some email he got from a fired of his called Mr. Pokemon and how he had something to give to the Professor. He could not leave the lab on that day, so he asked me if I would go a run the errand for him as he was going to give me my pokemon today. I said yes and stood in front of the three pokeballs.

I took a deep breath and reached my hand out, trusting what I had decided when I woke up that morning and picked Chikorita. Professor Elm said that it was a good choice and had me release the ball and reminded me it was my choice to name him, which I did. I named him Oliver after a hero I read in a comic. As I left the lab, I bumped into Ethan and Marill, who commented on how cute Oliver was, and we gushed over our partner pokemon for a bit and watched as Marill tried to get Oliver to play with him, but he is still kinda shy it seemed. I headed over and showed him to Mom, who also thought he was wonderful, and told her about my errand. She was proud of me for stepping up and game me my first Pokegear to help me on my journey.

So with my bag, Pokegear, and Oliver, I headed out to Cherrygrove City to meet with Mr. Pokemon and get the item from him, but as I left, I noticed a strange boy with red hair outside of the lab looking into one of the windows. I shrugged it off and headed out of town; it was not uncommon for kids to want to catch a glimpse of one of the pokemon in the lab. We battled a few pokemon on the way crushing the HootHoot as they popped out at us, but Oliver was a champ like I know he is. Once I got to Cherrygrove City, there was a nice old man at the entrance that offered to show me around the small city and at the end gave me some running shoes.

So 0we healed up at the Pokecenter and headed out to the next route because Mr. Pokemon lives somewhere in the middle of the route. After winning some more battles and running from a few, we finally got to the house mostly intact. There Mr. Pokemon greeted me and gave me a pokemon egg I was shocked at first. I was holding an egg, a real pokemon egg. I placed it gently in my bag to take back to Professor Elm. Mr. Pokemon kindly healed Oliver then introduced me to another friend of his.

Professor Oak is a Pokemon Professor from Kanto. He and Mr. Pokemon are old friends like my Professor. Which now that I saw that Mr. Pokemon is definitely hooked up with all the professors. He gave me the most up-to-date Pokedex because I am working with Professor Elm and seem dependable. His words not mine, but whatever; it was really cool and nice of him. So after that, I left and headed back to the lab. On the way there, I bumped into that same boy I had seen looking into the lab window.

He was really rude after bumping into me. He seemed to recognize me somehow and was saying mean things like I’m a wimp and that I don’t deserve to have Oliver. Then after that, he started a battle with me. He had a Cyndaquil which I then tried to question him about the pokemon. I wanted to know if that was the Cyndaquil from the lab. He refused to answer and just kept battling me. We defeated him with not too many struggles as his Cyndaquil had not learned ember yet, so we were higher level than him. I felt bad for his Cyndaquil as it was kind of an unfair fight. He took him and started to walk away. As he did, I noticed a wallet on the floor. I picked it up and saw the trainer card inside was the same boy I had just had the battled. As the thought crossed my mind, he came rushing back, demanding I give back his wallet, which I gladly handed over. I mean, he is the one who dropped it but whatever. We continued back to the lab. When we got there, there was a surprise waiting for us.

There were police tape and an officer there talking to Professor Elm. I asked what was happening, and the officer said that someone had broken into the lab and stolen one of the pokemon. I asked if it was a Cyndaquil, and he said yes, which then the cop presumed that meant I was the criminal returning to the scene of the crime. As I tried to explain that I was not, Ethan came in and spoke up to my defense, saying I was not because I just came back to town. That he had also seen a boy was lurking around the lab, who had red hair. The cop believed me and let me go which then I said I had seen the same boy before I left town and I had battled him right outside of Cherrygrove. He asked if he had told me his name. I told them about the battle and how he had dropped his trainer card, and I happen to look at it and saw that his name was Silver. With that information, the cop said thank you and left.

I gave Professor Elm the egg, and he gave me some pokeballs as a reward. I then headed home, and mom gave me a warm meal before I headed out. She restocked me with supplies and gave me money which she offered to handle any incoming I had coming in, but I told her no. I am 10 now. I know how to handle my money, it will be fine. We headed out for Violet City. On the way, we caught a HootHoot, and I named her Hall, and that is where we ended up now camping out somewhere in the middle of route 30. I left Hall in her ball, and Oliver is out curled up next to me, fast asleep, which I probability should also head off to bed too. So that is the end of my entry for today. We should reach Violet City tomorrow. I hope nothing bad happens on the way.


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