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The fascinating beginning of Harry Otto's life ambitious

Harry Otto is a nice young man who never needed to worry about anything in his life. He grew up hearing the great stories about all the vampires that came before him. Yup you heard right Harry is a vampire he may look like any young adult you have seen walking around the nightclub but he is definitely not the age of a young adult. Now that he had reached an age of stability in his life at home he has decided he is ready to make a journey of his own and maybe even get into a history tome himself.

Harry’s favorite story was of his Uncle Vlad and how he came to a new country and founded a town called Forgotten Hollow. A place that would be safe for all vampires but Harry always thought that Uncle Vlad could have done more and taken over all the other towns and cities. Make the whole country into a country of vampires. With this thought always hovering in the back of his mind he decides instead of staying home at his parent’s estate chasing around women he would do something with his existence.

Harry decided he would leave home and travel to this new country and live in Forgotten Hollow on his own and finish where his uncle left off and make not just a town that was a safe haven for vampires but a whole country where vampires would not have to live in fear and rule over the land. Well, as long as Uncle Vlad does not say anything against it as he is still living in Forgotten Hollow in the same mansion he built when he first got there. His parents loved the ambitions he was showing and knowing that Vladislaus was close by if anything happened to Harry he would be there. They supported his vision and helped him get set up in Forgotten Hollow with a nice house that he could slowly build on over time as he created his empire.

So Midnight and I, my new kitten because cats are the best companions ever no matter what Dad has to say went on our journey to Forgotten Hollow which was quite a trip but was happy to see the house in good status and plasma fruit already ready for the picking when we arrived. I settled in after that first night missing my nice fancy coffin at mom and dad’s but knew if I’m was going to rule this land I’m going to have to put up with some uncomfortable things at first. Luckily it is winter now which will make getting my first citizens under control easy. As winter is cold and even if his skin is cold physical activity is always warm. Right Wink Wink. Hey, I said I was going on a mission to create a new world I never told my parents that I was going to stop just chasing around women. In this new land, I was going to expand my options to get the most out of this mission. Seducing men to turn them into vampires and have a little fun would well be fun. Also, I would need to turn some of the human men and women into a vampire because as much as Uncle Vlad tried there ware not as many vampires around as back home. And hey all work and no fun is dull there are multiple ways to repopulate a country.

So the next night I woke up I found out that it was a holiday here that we don’t have back home called Winterfest apparently some old fat guy goes around to other peoples houses and give presents to people. Seems odd to me he definitely has magical powers but whatever. I played along, for the most part, I could not do all the traditions being my parents gave me a pretty small house but maybe by next year Midnight and I will have a bigger place I mean we better if I’m going to start having little vamps running around. I was thinking about getting the old guy Father Winter I believe was his name converted too but honestly, I’m not into old people especially males I want my first male experience to be nice. I mean I’m not nervous at all I am a pro I have had plenty of women in my time. Ok, I am kinda nervous I would definitely prefer to be the top guy but who knows If I find someone with the experience they might normally be and I’m not sure if I would overrule that then. Though I did meet someone cute that I would definitely prefer to have over Father Winter his name is Caleb, Caleb Vatore lives across the courtyard from me or I guess it’s called a town square here. He is really hot like starting to burn in the sun hot. He came over to introduce himself and welcome me to the neighborhood my first night which was nice. I started to flirt with him that first night before going to bed so I know we have a thing going on but we will see how the future goes.

I knew I needed to find a way to get some money so I decided to start writing stories maybe later I will write the history tomes on how I created this great country for now though I’m just writing random short stories I need to be able to feed Midnight that is the most important thing. Later I went out and meet more people to get the lay of the land and see how would be best to be brought into our wonderful society and who will be honest food got to keep some sims around for plasma. The alternative stuff only goes so far and does not taste as good as when it comes straight from the vein. So I went out to the club in a super fancy part of town I meet a plan girl called Lilith Pleasent did some flirty and a quick WooHoo and got her locked down I think she would be very pretty once I turn her and if I decided to have a child with her if once she turns and looks nice our children will be nice too. Then once I convinced them to let me into the high society club where the celebrities hang out I meet this woman Venessa Jeong I honestly don’t remember why she is one but she is very nice to look at and will be a great first conversion especially because of her status. Now she played hard to get but after some fake laughing and pretending to be completely devoted to her and be her fan I got her to agree to a WooHoo in the closet and then left it had his dawn and I was tired I need to sleep and my coffin was calling.

Hey, I worked hard for the last WooHoo I deserved a nice sleep after that. The only thing that is severely annoying is that Uncle Vlad will not leave me alone he keeps calling and checking in on me like if I’m still in my 30s I am so not a child I have almost reached my century I can take care of my self and Midnight just fine. I’m sure it is mom that keeps asking I’ll probably need to go over to the mansion and say hi at least maybe then he will leave me alone for a while and give mom a good report. But, that is how life has been going so far in this new country I think I’m going to try and lock down Caleb and see if he will be my first like I said Smoking (sigh) ok well 96need to write some more too Midnight needs more treats and I want to get a bigger house.

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