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Older Brother Challenge Prequel

David Hull and Lisa Sky meet in their first year at Britechester while they were living in Drake Hall. There they would meet in the common room with other students and study till they were about to pass out as you tend to do while at university. Which of course resulted in a lot of coffee consumption from the stalls where they would bump into each other while waiting for their orders. They took very similar classes that semester so they ended up spending a lot of time together studying. At the end of the semester, they went out to the club in town for the first time with their shared friend group. As they were very serious about the school they never had time to go party like some of their other dormmates. Taking advantage of the time in between semesters they visited the nightclub often that break. They tended to go together even without their group and would drink and dance most nights. There was definitely drunk flirting between them and very suggestive comments but David respecting Lisa and not wanting to mess up either of their plans nothing further ever happened that break.

After that, they started to take classes that were more assigned to their degrees. David was going to become a Politician and Lisa was going to become a Private Attorney. Even though they did not have the same classes they still studied together as they still lived in the dorms. Some of the study sessions ended up at the library because it was easier to study. They would not always go as a group and sometimes ended up just with the two of them this resulted in lots of grabbing quick bites to eat at the food carts outside the library. By the end of that semester David asked out Lisa officially and they started to date over the break. The next semester they moved into Darkwing house and shared a room together in the student housing. As they were still dedicated students and their families were paying for their schooling they did not think either of their families would agree to help them live together. This was their only option that would be covered by the school aid they were getting for housing and did not require them to ask for more help from their families. There they finished off their education trying to spend time together in between classes. It was easier this way as they could just lock themselves in their room spend time together watching a show as a study break/mini date and then go back to studying. They were always coming home to each other and always willing to help the other when they could. They both work hard and help each other get through the last semester with both of them getting the highest grades in their programs.

After they graduated they got good jobs with their degrees getting sign-on bonuses as a result of their hard work. At graduation, David proposed to Lisa who of course said yes. Due to their bonuses, it allowed them to buy their first house in Mt. Komorebi after a large wedding held in Sulani. After the wedding, they went straight to work not really taking a honeymoon and were able to continue working hard and make it to another promotion each in a short amount of time. With the promotion, they took a small holiday up on the mountain and got pregnant with Albert. With this, they were a small happy family content with how their lives were even with the addition of little Albert in their lives. David continued to rise in his career at a good pace and Lisa after taking a small amount of time off went back to work and also continued to focus on her career at a slightly slower pace due to her time off after Albert’s birth. Because they were both dedicated to their jobs and were very career driven they ended up hiring a nanny to look after Albert. They hired Loario Kahananui who was highly rated and had excellent references. He saw quickly what the dynamic of the family was and worked very hard to help Albert with his skills and to have a happy childhood even though his parents were very absent in his early life.


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