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All personal information will never be sold. I value your privacy, and you may opt-out of any of my subscription services at any time. You will always be made aware when I am using affiliate links or sponsorships. I will only partner with products or services that I completely stand behind and use personally. It is prohibited to use any of my content on, Dolores Madil YouTube Channel, Dolores Madil Twitch, and any other social media without explicit permission.


They are an online bookstore that has a mission to support local independent bookstores financially. They want to be there for independent bookstores as more people buy books online. They wanted to help make an easy and convenient way for book lovers to buy books and still support their local bookstores. You can pick local bookstores, and they will get the full profit from your order. If not, the earnings will go into a pool that will be evenly distributed among independent bookstores.

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The Book Launch Planner

The Book Launch Planner was created by Mandi Lynn. She is a published author, cover designer, and authortuber. The planner was designed to help authors publish and market their books, but it is also just a great planner for all your creative needs. She now sells the planner as part of a series called The Book Launch Planner Series on Amazon. My Amazon Affiliate link to planners will be below too. On the site, you will also find all the stickers she personally designs herself. She currently has a sticker subscription service called Stick Together Monthly which will have a sheet of calendar stickers, a decor sheet, and you can pick a third sticker sheet of your choosing.

Link about the planners (not an affiliate link) :

- My Writing Planner:

- My Novel Outline Planner:

- My Book Launch Planner:

- General Link for Stickers:

Coupon Code (10% off): DOLORES10


- Link for Stick Together Mouthly subscription:

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