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Learning to be a Pokemon Photographer


Hi, my name is Lolo. I’m from the Kanto region. My older cousin is the current champion of Kanto; Elaine she is so awesome! She is so strong and defeats everyone who challenges her. Well, everyone except for a good friend of hers, Red. He is so cool and strong even if he does not talk a lot, and his Charizard is so nice he lets me ride him all the time. Now you may be wondering, with me surrounding myself with all these amazing pokemon trainers that I would want to be one. Also, one day defeat Elaine and become champion myself right. Well, no, I am not really into all that battling stuff. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love watching Elaine battles I always have, especially when Elaine and Red have their friendly unofficial battles.

Now don’t take me wrong; I love pokemon like everyone else. I’m just not into the whole battling and training of pokemon. Which is why I don’t have a partner pokemon I mean, I just feel like once you have a partner pokemon, everyone expects you to be all into battles. What I do like is taking photos of pokemon. My mom got me my first camera. I love taking pictures of the pokemon in the city with and without their partners. I have also taken many photos of Elaine and Red’s battles and maybe some of just Red.

Elaine was so awesome; knowing that I like taking photos of pokemon, she heard about what Professor Mirror was doing from Professor Oak. She asked about seeing if I could join the team during the holiday break. After reaching out to Professor Mirror, who agreed, Elaine came and told mom and me. Now I am here in the Lentil region to learn how to take pictures of wild pokemon. I am excited to learn everything I can about taking photos of wild pokemon, mainly because I am sure it will be more difficult. In the city and towns I go to, people don’t usually mind me taking pictures of their partner pokemon. Though I have less control over the pokemon in the wild, I feel that will be something I will have to overcome to get those perfect pictures.

On my first day out, it was terrific Doc gave me a new camera with all kinds of new functions. They help me get the attention of the pokemon to get better shots. The Park route which seemed to be more like a practice area, but I liked it for helping me get more practice with the new camera. Getting a good shot was hard at first. I had to adjust to knowing that they are moving around, and also, the Docs pod is constantly moving. Every time I went out, there were some new pokemon, and they were doing different things each time.

Then the best thing happened Doc let me go out at night. We got the NEO-ONE ready for a night run, and he let me know that the lights are not going to be too bright so that I did not disturb the pokemon doing their natural thing, which worked out so well. I got to take pictures of some of the pokemon sound asleep; it was amazing! I took a picture of a slumber party going on. A Torterra was protecting a Grocky, a Pichu, and a Sylveon; it was the best. Then something awesome happened while I was out. Doc got a ping through the Pod about an Illumina pokemon with lots of energy. So I went back out that night to see if I could find it. Which I totally did; it was amazing. A Meganium just walked up right behind me, glowing so brightly. I drove around following it, taking pictures, and it glowed then stopped glowing till it sniffed one of the crystablooms. The whole experience was so beautiful, and I am happy that Doc is letting me keep some of my pictures as my own and I am going to make my own personal album to take home besides the one I am making for the lab and Doc. Well, I can’t wait to see what happens at this next island that popped up on the map.


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